Behind The Scene: PUNCH & SHOT (Action Short Movie) Part 1

Table of Content

Punch & Shot Sinopsis [0:36]
Actor Story [0:53]
Choreographer [1:33]
Set Background [1:57]
The Accident [3:33]
The Moral Message [4:38]
Actor Story [5:13][5:33]

We Are students last semester on campus STMIK PalComTech Palembang. Many stories will we tell you about the making of the short movie " PUNCH & SHOT ", ranging from the formation of the crew, the manufacture of the storyline the film, movie equipment preparation , manipulating the room , and the other thing about this short movie . Short movie has been premiered on our campus were packed in the course " Seminar Multimedia ". One quote that we cherish greatly in making this film is " If you can not make something good , make it look good " - Bill Gates . Films already premiered at my college on May 13, 2015 last . After that month is being held a contest organized by SCTV ( Surya Citra Televisi ) entitled " Indonesia Short Film Festival 2015" which lasts from April to June. This month ( August) is the time judging , hopefully this movie get the best results , we say thank you!.

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